Friday, 30 March 2018

Reflections of Lufthansa

Lufthansa's Fanhansa Siegerflieger B747-8i as if landed in Bangalore around 1 am

The crane logo was created 100 years ago by Otto Firle

From 35,000 feet, the world looks peaceful

Time for breakfast

Somewhere over Germany

Landing in Frankfurt

There's lots to do in Frankfurt Airport, especially if you love shopping

This astronaut wore the first watch on the moon, 
an Omega Speedmaster Professional.
You can meet him at the Omega showroom at Frankfurt Airport

Taking the train to Terminal 2

Back in Terminal 1
On board Lufthansa's B747-400 bound for Toronto

Reflection of our plane taxiing for takeoff

Time for lunch

Ah, that Bavarian Camembert with Alpine Milk

One reason I like Lufthansa is, 
they are interactive with their customers.
I will always remember their positive interactions

Grateful to Lufthansa for window seats.

But there's nothing anyone can you do, 
about ice crystals and condensation on the window

Landing safely in Toronto!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Just because a squirrel lives in a birdhouse doesn't mean it can fly

and this one seems to have a new occupant that can't fly!

Sleeping peacefully

Think about it in relation to humans ...

"Just because a squirrel lives in a birdhouse doesn't mean it can fly"
John Koshy
17th March 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018

My spiritual trip to the land of Grace

Precisely 30 days ago I lost my only source of income, 
thanks to the greedy and broken world we live in. 

For a few days I was angry, 
and then realized it was pointless being angry with anyone.
It is also pointless trying to fix the broken ways of people,
Instead, it is better to be yourself, be an example,
and live out the way you want the world to be.
As someone once said, 
"It is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness"

Having experienced losses and uncertainties over the past 50 years, 
I figured that I must place my trust in GOD my creator, 
and not with anybody or anything.
HE created me, so HE knows what lies ahead in my life!

On the journey of life, 
I have no idea what lies around the next curve, 
So I always pause the journey to look at where I came from,
It helps me navigate the rest of the route to where I'm heading to.

Because HE has led me safely till here, till now!

We are all on different journeys,
And we all have our doubts, concerns and questions of the future.

There were times these past weeks when I felt hopeless and down, 
but I knew that those feelings were from the devil. 
Because truth is, all negativity is always from the devil. 
Instead of focusing on my situation, 
I decided to focus on GOD to avoid sinking
(That's me in the yellow shirt)

I prayed a lot, went on many long walks. 
You see, GOD is everywhere, by the lake, in the cool evening breeze,
and it is easier to communicate with HIM when you are far away from people, 
because people are distractions.

I knew my situation would eventually resolve, but I had no idea when.
The people I interacted with only made promises,
not one of them stuck to their word!
What a waste of time.
I've learnt that if I am depending on GOD 
and waiting for HIM,
I need to go by HIS time, not my time, or yours

Then one fine day I get a phone call ...
From someone I never contacted ...
Exactly 30 days later ...
From an angel

This my friend, is how an unseen GOD works in our lives,
Yes, in this day and age! 
And I can never thank GOD enough for HIS Grace.
I wish you Peace on your journey.

"I won't fear what tomorrow brings
With each morning I'll rise and sing
My God's love will lead me through
You are the peace in my troubled sea"

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sunday morning walk on the waterfront trail along the shores of Lake Ontario

Walking from Mississauga towards Toronto.
See the ship in the distance.
Going to walk to the other side behind the ship
(about 6 kilometres away)

Say hello to the curious Canada Geese

Interestingly this duck thought it was landing in water
only to realize on touchdown that the lake was actually frozen,
so it had to skate instead!
See the pine cones.

The cloud formation and the colour of the sky is simply amazing today!

That's a side view of the same ship below,
Didn't know it was so large

Selfie of my shadow
(took this photo by mistake actually)

In the center of this photo below is the same ship, but the rear side

Canada Geese, ducks and swans, all in harmony

Walking back towards the lighthouse!

Have a great week, wherever your journey takes you!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Replacing the door wiring harness in the Audi A3

Replacing the door wiring harness in the Audi A3

The wires between the cars body and the drivers side door
crack due to continuous folding when the door is open and shut 

And eventually, the harness of wires needs to be replaced,
else you won't be able to control anything 
(windows, gas tank cover, doors etc)
from the drivers side door.
Even though the door is shut, the alarm for an 'open door' keeps beeping

Thankfully we know the best guys who can fix Audis
(3 x 4 rings and a Jag)

Thursday, 1 March 2018


Please don't judge me, 
but I also love music and art from the Soviet Union!
This is Katyusha 

Love the balalaika and all three versions of this song

Probably my favourite, is this version by the Red Army Choir

This is an amazing virtuoso style rendition on guitar by Igor Presnyakov