Thursday, 22 September 2016

Replacing the camera lens cover on a Samsung Galaxy S5

When the camera lens cover shattered on my daughters phone, I figured I could fix it.
Remove the rear cover of the phone.
Remove the metal ring that holds the lens cover in place.

The glass/plastic cover was completely shattered so I had to make sure no broken pieces fell on to the camera

After removing the debris ...

Make sure that the phone is well protected from moisture and dust
by taping up with a temporary cover till you get a new lens cover.
Ordered a new replacement lens cover and bezel ... 

... which arrived in the mail in less than five days,
and cost me less than $8/- delivered at home!

Replaced the parts

All fixed and ready to take photos again!

From a design perspective, I don't like how the camera lens cover projects out on the Samsung.
This makes it easily prone to damage.
Which is why I prefer my Sony Z1
Check this video


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Replacing spark plugs in the Audi A4

At 167,000 kilometres the engine light came on in the Audi A4, and I couldn't get an appointment with the Audi dealer, so I decided to troubleshoot and fix the problem myself!
Tightened a loose bolt near the electrical harness
Decided to replace spark plugs, and also use a complete fuel system cleaner

After removing the two small screws that hold the harness, the electrical connector must be gently released from the coil without breaking the tabs
(see this post for more detailed images in the Audi A3)

Lift the ignition coils out of the cylinder head 

Remove and replace the spark plugs 

Dirty petrol and a fuel cap that isn't shut properly can also cause the engine light to come on

From my experience, I think Shell has cleaner petrol (gasoline) than Esso!
For more detailed images, see how I replaced spark plugs in the Audi A3
Happy driving!

Saturday, 10 September 2016