Sunday, 22 October 2017

An evening in October

As the grass withers and the yellow chrysanthemums fade,
The pink roses show their final gratitude in the evening shade

A second generation Blue Jay eyes the last seeds in the bird feeder,
And I say to myself, "I need to feed her, I need to feed her"

While the newborn squirrel perfects it's autumn acrobatics,
Gathering and hiding nuts using all kinds of tactics

All in preparation for what's to come after summer's all over,
But enjoy the moment, for now, it's a lovely evening in October!

~ John Koshy
22nd October 2017

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Have you ever driven through a car wash and seconds later the EPC, Traction Control and Check Engine lights all come on?

Just happened now on the Audi A4, and this is not the first time.

This phenomenon happens every few months on the Audi A4 after a car wash.
The first time it happened I got worried, had to fix an appointment with a mechanic, who diagnosed and found nothing was wrong. (If nothing was wrong why did the lights come on after a car wash?)

I bet you even Audi cannot answer this question.

Just do a Google search P2138 car wash and see how many other people are facing this same problem.
I have actually spent thousands of dollars replacing the Throttle Body and  Pedal Position Sensor on the Audi A3. Could I have saved all that money if I was wiser then? Probably.

Thankfully I now have less money to spend with car dealers, but more importantly, 
I have the Torque App.

Here's how I fix the EPC and Check Engine lights on the Audi A3 & A4

Looking forward to helping others who have these problems on their cars.
Happy driving friends!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Coyote in Mississauga

A few years ago when I was on my evening walk, I saw a Coyote running alongside the trees, 

and it disappeared into the forest

Further down the trail fifteen minutes later, it suddenly appeared

Not sure if it was a coyote or a coywolf but it was great seeing it!

14"x 18" oil painting on canvas

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

When the EPC and Check Engine lights come on, here's how I save lots of time and money

Here's how to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars (depending on who's fixing your car) 
This should work with any car that has an ECU

The EPC (Electronic Power Control) light came on the other day on the Audi A3, and I'd like to find out why, without spending a lot of time & hundreds of dollars with the dealer

I have an Android mobile phone, so I got the OBD2 diagnostic scanner for Android from Amazon 

Since it was a little difficult to remove the scanner from the port underneath the dashboard, I also bought a cable from Amazon

This is where you plug in the cable

Start the car

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone
Disconnect your car audio Bluetooth profile and connect to the OBD2 Torque profile instead.
I've configured a profile for the Audi A3, and now I can see engine parameters in real-time, for example the Revs/engine rpm shown below

Scan for faults 

It's that pesky pedal position sensor performance problem again!

I just replaced these two components five months ago
spending lots of money with my previous mechanic who's busy fixing Range Rover, Porsche & Ferrari, and has no time to return my phone calls.
Could that have been a misdiagnosis?
Here are some common problems that trigger the P0221 error code

Using the app, you can go online and get more info on the problem if you like

Select the option to clear fault codes

Turn off and start the car, and do another scan

Instead of providing large owners manuals that occupy so much space in the dashboard, 
I think car manufacturers should provide car owners with inexpensive tools such as these which can be used to perform simple on-board diagnostics, and troubleshooting. 
But they won't do that, because they won't be able to take money from you!

Would love to hear your experiences with your car, your car dealer and mechanic, especially if you own an Audi

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Cracking open Macadamia Nuts

These nuts are native to Australia.
Without this tool that thankfully came along with the nuts, it's difficult to crack the shell and remove the seed.

Besides human beings, the Hyacinth Macaw, which is a large parrot, is probably the only other creature that can crack open a Macadamia nut!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Painting Pronghorn in the Canadian Prairies

While waiting for the English Bay beach painting to dry up, my mind drifted away to the Canadian Prairies where we saw Pronghorn roaming wild and free! 

Though they look like antelope, they are more closely related to the giraffe and okapi family. 
They are the fastest land mammal in the Western hemisphere, second to the now extinct American Cheetah

18" x 24" oil painting