Thursday, 13 July 2017

Are two skunks at daylight double trouble?

Never seen two skunks together!
They say that the sight of a skunk in daylight hours means something is wrong with the skunk. 
It is probably sick or carrying rabies

Is this double trouble?

It's raining and they are eating what's left of the bird seeds fallen from the bird feeder.

Here are past skunk sightings

At night

Monday, 10 July 2017

With mangoes from Mexico and sea bass from the ocean, cooking a sweet and sour fish curry

Found some really fresh sea bass at the grocery store, so decided to make a sweet and sour mango fish curry

The mangoes are from Mexico, and these are still ripening, so they are slightly sour. 
Some parts of the mango are sweet. 
Hence the sweet and sour!

Chop up 2 mangoes, a large onion and ginger

Wash and clean the sea bass, cut and allow to drain and dry

In a little oil, fry the onion, ginger, a teaspoon of cumin seeds and two dried red chillies

Add half a 165 ml tin of coconut milk (or if you are game to get fresh coconut and extract the milk, that's preferable!) 

Add some water to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan

Add turmeric powder and salt and cook for about a minute

Add the mango and rest of the coconut milk and cook for another minute

Add the fish

I realize my pan is too small, so I'm switching to a new larger pan

(Btw, if I had the money, I'd design and manufacture a pan just for cooking fish. It doesn't exist. Nobody makes it. And I have a design!)

Keep slightly covered, and cook on low heat (the word for that is simmer!!)

Make sure all the pieces of fish are cooked, and you can call everyone for dinner

Serve with white rice

Friday, 7 July 2017

Òran na Cloiche

Here's an English translation of this beautiful song
Get Oran na Cloiche by Gaelic folk singer Kathleen MacInnes from iTunes