Friday, 30 March 2018

Reflections of Lufthansa

Lufthansa's Fanhansa Siegerflieger B747-8i as if landed in Bangalore around 1 am

The crane logo was created 100 years ago by Otto Firle

From 35,000 feet, the world looks peaceful

Time for breakfast

Somewhere over Germany

Landing in Frankfurt

There's lots to do in Frankfurt Airport, especially if you love shopping

This astronaut wore the first watch on the moon, 
an Omega Speedmaster Professional.
You can meet him at the Omega showroom at Frankfurt Airport

Taking the train to Terminal 2

Back in Terminal 1
On board Lufthansa's B747-400 bound for Toronto

Reflection of our plane taxiing for takeoff

Time for lunch

Ah, that Bavarian Camembert with Alpine Milk

One reason I like Lufthansa is, 
they are interactive with their customers.
I will always remember their positive interactions

Grateful to Lufthansa for window seats.

But there's nothing anyone can you do, 
about ice crystals and condensation on the window

Landing safely in Toronto!

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