Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Winter walk at -35° C

*** Updated 5th Jan 2018

This is not a Christmas decoration. It is an icicle
Never stand underneath a roof with one of these.
It's a weapon of ice destruction!

We are only two weeks into winter, 
and they say tonight it's going to feel like -36° C
so decided to go for a one hour night walk to experience 'extreme cold'

That's a nice skating rink, made out of  ...
.... ice
But there's nobody skating

Not a soul in sight, anywhere.
Not even a rabbit.

I must admit, at -35° C it does feel a bit cold

Stay warm folks!


Winter walk at -27 ° C on the 26th of December

Love evening walks in winter.
No coyotes or rabbits today ...

When you go walking, you don't need parking!

In some places the snow is more than a foot deep

There's a certain shade of pink and purple in the winter sky!

Happy Boxing day folks!