Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Cooper's Hawk preying on a mourning dove

In between meetings I glanced outside, and suddenly saw, 
in the 3 inch gap between the door inside and the tree outside

A Cooper's Hawk had just caught it's prey ...
a Mourning Dove

The Hawk was looking all around to make sure it wasn't threatened

And as much as I was disappointed for the dove,
I wasn't going to interfere with mother nature and her ways ...

The photographs would have been clearer had I stepped outside, 
(these photos are taken through 2 layers of glass windows, so they are not clear)
but sometimes, nature needs to be left alone,
away from mankind and photography

As the cold winter breeze blew the fallen leaves and tiny feathers, 
Not a bird or a squirrel stirred, in the otherwise bustling backyard
While the Hawk silently satisfied itself

I got back to my meeting, and 30 minutes later ...

It was all over.
Now all that's left, 
Are the lovely feathers of a Mourning Dove

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