Saturday, 5 October 2013

How I met Jesus

How I met Jesus

For more than thirty years I searched for GOD.
From my camping and outdoor experiences, I always knew that GOD existed.  There was no way any human being could have made the mountains, and put the stars, and the planets in place. Have you seen the Milky Way? Also, the world was way too complex for any scientist to explain why things happen the way they did in my life.  But I still wanted proof for myself.

So my prayer was, "GOD if you exist, please reveal yourself to me, personally"
My deepest unanswered questions were:

1.     Who am I, and why am I here?
2.     What is my purpose in this world?
3.     What is truth?

On life's pathway, my search continued in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
I went through a storm in my life, and literally lost everything that I had, and finally one day reached rock bottom. I had no options left, and I figured it was the end.
I gave up on everybody. I had no place else to look, but to GOD. I curled up in bed that day, and this time my prayer was

"Why me? I have lost everything; please don't take away my family. Which is the way out?"

I picked up a Bible that was lying around, and started reading at random.
Almost instantly, I got the answer

 "I am the way, the truth, and the life ….."   - John 14:6

I stopped right there thinking, HE has just answered my questions of the past thirty years!

From that moment on, I experienced many, many miracles, and I still do. (Ask anyone who knows me), and since that day, it has been my passion to have a closer walk with the person who spoke these words to me.
We communicate with each other regularly. By the way, that’s what I call prayer, and it is my most intimate moment (which is why I cannot pray in public) Matthew 6:6 is my style of prayer 

Looking back, this is what I learnt.

1) All the while, I was searching for GOD in the wrong places. I now realize that GOD, and religion are different. The latter is man-made. I never found HIM in any church or any place of worship in spite of being a regular for almost thirty years (please don't get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn't go to church or to any worship place ). GOD is everywhere! And I could have met HIM at a bus stop.

2) I was always thinking that I was in control of my life, chasing after money, materialism, and credentials. Truth is, HE is in control of everything!

3) The most difficult part before meeting Jesus, was for me to let go of everything, to surrender all, completely submit myself, and say to HIM

"I need you for everything! I am nothing without you"

In conclusion, if you are wondering, why I have to share this with anyone? Here’s why.  
Think of the disciples, and their miraculous catch of fish, in my case, I think of the many miracles I've experienced - the disciples had two choices:

1) Keep the good news to themselves and not tell anyone about their catch or 
2) Share the good news and allow others to know what happened.  

Just as they chose to tell, I choose to share.

I was also prompted to do a series of paintings, which I call Themes from The Gospels

I wish you Peace!

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  1. You are so Blessed. Said from your friend Nickie in Sweden&with mush LOVE from Then Prince of Peace... Thankyou for share this with me...<3