Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sunday morning walk on the waterfront trail along the shores of Lake Ontario

Walking from Mississauga towards Toronto.
See the ship in the distance.
Going to walk to the other side behind the ship
(about 6 kilometres away)

Say hello to the curious Canada Geese

Interestingly this duck thought it was landing in water
only to realize on touchdown that the lake was actually frozen,
so it had to skate instead!
See the pine cones.

The cloud formation and the colour of the sky is simply amazing today!

That's a side view of the same ship below,
Didn't know it was so large

Selfie of my shadow
(took this photo by mistake actually)

In the center of this photo below is the same ship, but the rear side

Canada Geese, ducks and swans, all in harmony

Walking back towards the lighthouse!

Have a great week, wherever your journey takes you!