Thursday, 23 November 2017

Replaced the timing chain in the Audi A3

The EPC light came on 4 times yesterday even after resetting the codes.
And sometimes with the Check Engine light bold.

After getting home, there was a vibration in the engine and got all these error codes.

And occasionally with the Check Engine Light flashing. 
So turned off the car, and parked it for the night.

Next morning, there were no error codes.
Got an immediate appointment with folks who I know, 
(it takes weeks to get an appointment with a dealer)
drove down to their workshop,
and after a diagnostic scan,
Got the car back home the same day!
Moral of the story - never believe what the computer tells you.
All those codes were misleading, especially the EPC over the last few months.

Always investigate the source of the problem.
Thankfully I know folks who have been fixing Audis for many years!